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Capitol Corridor, Solano County
University of California
Capitol Corridor, Solano County

Events - Central Area

North Central Section Field Day 2016
Saturday, March 26, 2016

UC Davis

Eligibility: Any 4-H member who has been awarded a Gold Medal (or Blue if that is the top county award) in their 2016 County Competition may compete at the Sectional level. The PROBLEM SOLVING category is the ONLY exception, and does not require participation at the County level or the Sectional level to go on to State.

Register Now for Sectional Presentation Day!


Presentation Day Participant Registration:   

Judge, Room Host Or Courier Registration:

  • The Evaluator position is available to adults as well as 4-H Members who are 16 years or older and have given at least two presentations at county level.  Evaluators may not be presenters. An orientation will be held the morning of the event.
  • The Room Host position is available to 4-H Members who are 11 years or older and have given at least one presentation at county level or have been a Room Host at a County Presentation Day. Room Hosts can be, but need not be presenters. Room hosts play a vital role in ensuring a smooth transition between presentations and making sure a presenter is not disturbed during his or her presentation. Typical duties of a room host include: helping presenters set up and take down their materials, introducing each presenter, monitoring the door, and keeping the room quiet.  An orientation will be held the morning of the event.
  • The Courier position is available to 4-H members who are 9 years or older who will run materials from rooms to the Tally Room. Couriers can be, but need not be presenters. Couriers help the day run smoothly and keep an ongoing supply of judging sheets for the tally room insuring the event stays on schedule.  An orientation will be held the morning of the event.

Horticulture Contest: Back by popular demand, no pre-registration or pre- qualification required! Just show up ands how your knowledge or learn something new!

Judging Contest: Yolo County youth Joel Berke and Bailey Robinson-Burmester will be hosting a Judging Contest for Junior, Intermediate and Senior youth.  No pre-registration or pre-qualification required!

Please be aware that there may not be any food items available on campus.  You may bring your own lunch or seek out food at one of the many eateries available off campus.

Sponsor: North Central Section 4-H

Presentations given at Sectional must be the same presentation and registered in the same category as their 2016 County Presentation Day. In Team entries, no substitution of entrants is allowed after registration. 4-H members may give only one presentation from the categories listed below and may compete as a part of the group in Share-the-Fun or Cultural Arts.

Demonstration  Impromptu Speech 
Scientific or Engineering Presentation  Interpretive Reading
Illustrated Talk  Share-the-Fun
Informative Prepared Speech  Cultural Arts
Educational Display Talk

 Persuasive Prepared Speech (Seniors and
 Intermediates only)


Categories: Most categories are open to all age groups: Junior, Intermediate, and Senior.

We encourage you to read the Presentation Guidelines which may be found on the State 4-H website at:

Primary Activity

This event will involve four different activities and the primary members will earn a certificate for completing all four.

  1. Presentations: Members can either do a prepared presentation, like they may have done at their County Presentation Day, or do a brown bag demonstration that will be provided at the event.
  2. Judging Contest Question: Instead of doing a judging contest with written answers, members will select one question and answer it orally and explain why they ranked the items as they did.
  3. Community Service: Members will write thank you cards for soldiers overseas which will be delivered by Blue Star Moms. 
  4. 4-H Promotion: Members will complete the statement "My favorite part of 4-H is...". The members can complete the statement with a sentence and/or picture. The statements will then be delivered to the State 4-H Office to be used for 4-H promotion.

Register now for the Primary Activity!

Primary Activity Participant Registration:

Volunteers are needed to man the activity stations, evaluate presentations and to evaluate the judging questions. (Note: evaluators only give comments). Volunteers may be adults or youth members 12 years old and older.

Please let us know you can help by filling out the online survey at:

Pre-registration for event is required online by March 12th, 2016

Drop-Off: If you have heavy items to drop off, please send a request, by March 24th, to Lynn Starr or Tanya Kumar at  They will arrange for a volunteer to meet you at the gate at the end of California Avenue. This is only available for morning drop off. No parking is allowed past the gate.

Parking: Parking is free on the weekends.  You may use the parking structure located on Howard Way.

Campus Map & Directions to UC Davis, Wellman Hall

UCD campus map

Directions From Interstate-80:
Take Highway 113 North (to Woodland) and follow directions below.

Directions From Interstate-5 (headed South):
Take Highway 113 South (to Davis) Exit on Russell Drive, go east (towards campus)
Turn right onto Howard Way; park in the parking structure
Walk to the end of Howard Way, and turn right onto North Quad
Turn left onto West Quad - Wellman Hall is the first brick building on the right
There is also parking on California Avenue.

Directions (From Downtown Davis):
Take A, B, C, D, E, F, or G Streets North to 5th Street
Turn left onto 5th Street (West, towards campus)
Turn left onto Howard Way; park in the parking structure
Walk to the end of Howard Way, and turn right onto North Quad
Turn left onto West Quad - Wellman Hall is the first brick building on the right

Restaurants in Davis: A list of area restaurants will be available at registration. The Davis Farmer’s Market is just a few blocks away from UCD’s campus (Central Park 4th and C Streets) and is open from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. There are all kinds of food items available there.


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