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Capitol Corridor, Solano County
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Capitol Corridor, Solano County

How to Join Solano County 4-H

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What 4-H is all about...and how to join

4-H is a non-formal educational youth program, conducted by the University of California Cooperative Extension as authorized by federal and state statutes. In each county, the Local Extension Staff (County Director, 4-H Youth Advisor, and 4-H Program Representative) has the authority to administer the program in accordance with University and Extension policy.  The purpose of 4-H is to help young people discover and develop their potential.  4-H encourages young people to set their own goals and make their own plans and decisions.

This helps youth mature and build their self-confidence.  By being part of a group, 4-H'ers learn to understand other people and to cooperate with them. These are two basic skills for a happy, useful life.

For more information on how you can become involved in 4-H, please complete this Information Survey.

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Solano County 4-H

2016-2017 Program Year

Program Fees:

Youth $60
Adults  $20




Sign your child or yourself up for the Solano County 4-H Program by:

1.  Read the Enrollment Information below.

New & Returning Youth Enrollment Information 2016-17 (PDF)
New & Returning Adult Volunteer Enrollment Information 2016-17 (PDF)

2.  Find a Solano County 4-H Club in your area.  Contact the 4-H Community Club Leader and verify location, date and time of their next meeting.  The meetings are held once a month.  Let them know you would like to attend one of their meetings to find out more about the program and how to enroll. 

3.  Attend the next Community Club meeting to complete enrollment forms and pay program fees. 

4.  Complete Online Enrollment at and follow any other club policies for enrollment.  (You must have an email account to enroll online.)  Please click the link below to see the page listing free email account information.

Free Email Account Information Sheet (PDF)

5.  Returning Youth Members and Adult Volunteers please see the 4-H Online enrollment instructional page below.

This instructional page is for Youth Members and Adult Volunteers that have family members already enrolled in 4-H. 

Returning Families Online Enrollment Instructions 2016-17 (PDF)





 In an effort to offer 4-H members a greater variety of projects, some volunteers offer their 4-H projects on a countywide basis. 

We will continue to manage countywide projects in the same fashion as last year. Countywide projects are associated with the primary club of the leader offering the project.  

To enroll in a countywide project:

Parent/guardian goes to and completes the following steps:

  • On the clubs tab select the host club and add the club
  • Next, on the projects tab:
  • Select the host club tied to the countywide project
  • Select the countywide project
  • Select years in the project
  • Click add project

Projects in green are current for the 2016-17 program year.

Name of Project Club Name Project Leader Email
Arts & Crafts: 9-19 yrs Elmira Jessica Mauldin
Drama & Theater Arts: 9-19 yrs Elmira Jessica Mauldin
General Engineering: Primary (5-8 yrs)
Elmira Sharon Tiernan-Lang
Ornamental Horticulture: 9-19 yrs Elmira Tammi Ackerman
Photography: 9-19 yrs Elmira Debbie Sloan 
Arts & Crafts: 9-19 yrs Maine Prairie Lisa Dage
Clothing & Textiles: 9-19 yrs Maine Prairie Lisa Dage 
Goats-Meat: 9-19 yrs Maine Prairie Daniel Havlin
Shooting Sports-Pistol: 14-19 yrs Maine Prairie Ed Coffelt
Shooting Sports-Rifle: 9-19 yrs Maine Prairie Ed Coffelt
Shooting Sports-Shotgun: 9-19 yrs Maine Prairie Ed Coffelt
Goats-Dairy: 9-19 yrs Roving Clovers Robert Williams
Guide Dogs: 9-19 yrs Sherwood Forest Bridget Stephens 
Birds-Poultry: 9-19 yrs Tremont Sarah Anenson
Birds-Poultry: Primary (5-8 yrs) Tremont Sarah Anenson
Arts & Crafts: Rainbow Loom, 9-19 yrs Tremont Audrey Ritchey
Arts & Crafts: Rainbow Loom, Primary (5-8 yrs) Tremont Audrey Ritchey
Cavies: Primary (5-8 yrs) Tremont Audrey Ritchey
Foods-Beginning: Microwave Magic, 9-19 yrs Tremont Audrey Ritchey
Foods-Beginning: Microwave Magic, Primary (5-8 yrs) Tremont Audrey Ritchey
Rabbits: Primary (5-8 yrs) Tremont Audrey Ritchey
Service Learning: 9-19 yrs Tremont Audrey Ritchey
Indoor & Mini Gardens: 9-19 yrs Tremont Helen Ritchey
Cavies: 9-19 yrs Tremont Melinda Smith
Rabbits: 9-19 yrs  Tremont Melinda Smith
Dog: 9-19 yrs Tremont Kelli Wilkerson
Cattle-Beef: 9-19 yrs Vaca Valley Gary Glass
Cats: - Solano County 4-H Orphan Kitten Program: 9-19 yrs Vaca Valley Vickie Pringle


Use the link below to access our 4-H Clubs.

UCCE Capitol Corridor, Solano 4-H Clubs

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