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Clover Safe Notes   (click for website) are one page summaries of relevant safety information about specific topics. These notes continue to be developed as additional requests for training on specific topics are needed. Clover Safe notes are purposefully designed for their intended audience of 4-H staff, volunteers and members. Accordingly, Clover Safe notes incorporate a picture or drawing and information about topic-related injuries or illness to provoke the reader's interest followed by a succinct, bulleted or numbered, discussion of precautions to prevent topic-related injuries or illness. They are also concisely written to emphasize the primary safety issues related to the topic and restricted to one page to maintain the reader's attention. Finally, Clover Safe notes are intended to be used while connected to the web site or may be downloaded, printed, and handed out at 4-H activities and project meetings.

4-H Safety Manual  (click for manual)  2007  Many 4-H programs, projects, and events incorporate activities that inherently have various risks for injuries or disease exposures to both 4-H YDP volunteers and members. Information given in this manual has been developed for use by 4-H volunteers and members and is intended to provide initial guidance for implementing practices and procedures to reduce the risk of sustaining injuries or illnesses while participating in 4-H sponsored programs, projects, and events.

Project Leader Digest  (click for manual) 2007

State Fashion Revue Manual, October 2010

CA 4H State Fashion Revue Manual 2010

4-H Animal Science Curriculum

Bio-Security in 4-H Animal Science 1

"Understanding Disease Transmission"

For Youth Ages 9-11

(ANR Publication 8438, April 2011)

Bio-Security in 4-H Animal Science 2

"Livestock Disease:  Understanding the Risks"

For Youth Ages 9-11

(ANR Publication 8439, April 2011)


Find out about available resources in the 4-H Audio Visual Resource Directory. These slides, videos, DVDs, and CDs are available for check-out from the Cooperative Extension office. A deposit is required but will be refunded upon the timely return of the items.


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