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Capitol Corridor, Solano County
University of California
Capitol Corridor, Solano County

Emerald Star Completed Presentations

Goat Showing 101

by Kristin Clark-Webb

The purpose of this presentation is to give an overview on the Basics of Meat Goat Showing, clipping, showing and show ring etiquette.

Goat Showing 101 (Power Point)

Presentation Education

By Tricia Kash

You will be learning…

    • What is a Presentation?
    • Importance of Public Speaking
    • 4-H and Presentations
    • Basics of Presenting
    • Creative Thinking
    • Types of 4-H Presentations
    • Steps in Choosing Your Presentation
    • Making Your Presentation
    • The Big Show Day
    • Helpful Hints
    • References
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