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Capitol Corridor, Solano County
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Capitol Corridor, Solano County


Here are some resources and tools that you can use to help kids and teens be healthy, eat well and be active.

Helping Your Students: What Schools Can Do:

  • Teach children about the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables and being physically active everyday by utilizing one of the many CA Standards-based curricula (see resources below).
  • Have daily physical activity in elementary schools. Even if you are not a P.E. teacher, have a few minutes during each period to do a stretch break so that students are always alert and ready to learn. 
    Children & Weight activity

  • Offer healthy foods and snacks at all locations in the school where food is sold, including parent-run snack shops. Studies continually show that nutritious foods aide learning and retention of what is learned in the classroom.
  • Provide education on the basics of healthy eating, meal planning, cooking and shopping for pre-teens and teens.
  • Promote physically active fundraising events rather that food and candy sales.
  • Limit use of TV and computers - provide many activity breaks and play time.
  • Reward good behavior with stickers, pencils, ball, and special privileges, rather than candy and food in general.

Curriculum and Resources for Schools:

  1. Free curriculum for teachers and after-school leaders that focuses on physical activity and nutrition with a focus on fruits & vegetables. This curriculum is linked to the CA Content Standards: Power Play or Network for a Healthy California
    Order the school curriculum by filling out this form: School Kit Request
    Order the after-school/community youth organization curriuculm by filling out this form: CYO Kit Request Form
  2. Harvest of the Month, free resources for EVERY month of the year!
  3. CA Project Lean Resource library
  4. Dairy Council of California has easy and ready-to-use nutrition education programs for all grade levels. Free to CA teachers.
  5. Action for Healthy Kids wellness policy tool kit and other free resources.
  6. UC Berkeley's Center for Weight and Health
  7. University of California Coooperative Extension, Solano County
  8. USDA's TEAM nutrition is an integrated, behavior-based comprehensive plan for promoting the nutritional health of students. Materials available for schools and classrooms.
  9. USDA's Food Guidance
  10. The California Center for Public Health Advocacy has data on "overweight" and "unfit" statistics for school children in California.
  11. Walk to School information
  12. Safe Routes to School
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