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Capitol Corridor, Solano County
University of California
Capitol Corridor, Solano County

Training Workshops Offered

The California NIF Network offers workshops that are unique within the national NIF community. If you are just getting acquainted with deliberative methods or are a long-time NIF practitioner, you'll discover a different way of talking about 'a different way of talking' in our workshops.

This is important: There is a sequence of experiential and practical learning behind our workshops. Before any of these workshops can make any sense, potential participants really need to have experienced a forum first-hand. Deliberation is different than any other way of holding a focused conversation.'s important to experience a forum as the first step toward an NIF deliberative practice. In addition, it's important to attend a session of NIF Basics (previously known as the 'Public Policy Institute') before attending any of the advanced sessions.

Learn the starter basics of National Issues Forum (NIF) theory and moderator skills in the NIF Basics Workshop. This workshop provides a firm foundation for the local practice of deliberative decision-making while preparing participants to be forum moderators.

Learn advanced deliberative decision making theory and develop specialized NIF roles at the Community Teams Workshop. This workshop extends the 'basic' learning into the specialized components of local deliberative projects.

Learn framing adaptation and community research skills at the two Issue Framing Workshops. This workshop extends the 'basic' and 'team' learning into the issue adaptation and framing processes for customized deliberative projects.

These workshops will be scheduled and customized for groups with at least eight (8) participants. Contact the NIF faculty at if you would like to discuss organizing a workshop for your group. California faculty can schedule on-site training sessions for organizations and community leaders with the interest in developing deliberative decision making in a local context. Contracts will include a stipend, travel expenses and materials.



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