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Capitol Corridor, Solano County
University of California
Capitol Corridor, Solano County

Local Fodder Newsletter

Livestock/Natural Resources Newsletter for Solano, Yolo & Napa Counties - Written by Morgan Doran, UCCE Advisor

Issues Articles Type Date Added
June 2008 Meetings in June to Address Livestock Processing Facilities Managing with Drought Irrigated Pasture Updates What will be required of cow-calf producers under the Country of Origin Label rules this September? PDF 6/12/08
February 2008 Rangeland Water Quality Meeting Thistle Control 2008 Niche Meat Marketing Conference New BVD Vaccines Sheep Production Workshops PDF 2/26/08
November 2007 Wooly Weed Eaters Outlook for Cow-Calf Profitability Appears Positive Organic Livestock Production Workshop Methods to Prevent Copper Deficiency in Beef Cattle PDF 9/23/08
March 2006 Stable Flies and March Rains Treatment of Calf Scours Cattle Health Meeting in Winters 2006 Niche Meat Marketing Conference PDF 11/3/10
February 2005 Niche Meat Marketing Conference Will This be a Bad Year for Grass Tetany? USDA Designates California Counties as Agricultural Disaster Areas USDA Issues Final Procedures and Sets Dates for Lamb Referendum Solar Power for Farms and Ranches PDF 11/3/10
December 2004 Animal Identification in 2004 Proposed Air Quality Rule Notice Wildlife Friendly Water Structures Liver Flukes Rangeland Water Quality Conference Weed ID and Mangagement Workshop PDF 11/3/10
November 2004 Hay Donations for Rumsey Fire Victims New Antibiotic for Beef Cattle Local Livestock Associations Seek New Members West Nile Virus Update Ewe Lamb Replacement & Retention Payment Program PDF 11/3/10
March 2004 Herd Health Education Program Your Future's At Stake Tour New Tools to Treat BVD Losses Eliminating Persistently Infected BVD Cattle From Your Herd Niche Meat Marketing Conference PDF 5/28/08
December 2003 Holiday Wishes Ranching and Biodiversity Treating Calf Scours Weed Workshop Request for Donations Newsletter Subscription Renewal PDF 1/10/08
November 2003 Conditional Ag Discharge Waiver Fall Cattle Health Reminders West Nile Virus Update Medicating Cattle Market Trends Donate Hay for So. Calif. Livestock PDF 11/3/10
December 2002 Beefing Up Marketing Local Marketing Working Group Feeding Cows - Prevent Scours Bovine Tuberculosis Update Weed Control Cost-Share Programs Market Trends Weed Control Workshop PDF 11/3/10
August 2001 Newsletter Introduction Who is This New Advisor Creating a Plan with Your Input Market Trends USDA to Require Carcasses Thrown Out PDF 8/27/09
October 2001 ANTHRAX INFO SUPPLEMENT Anthrax Info for Livestock Owners Anthrax CDFA Fact Sheet What Livestock Producers Should Know Centers for Disease Control PDF 9/21/09
December 2001 Barb Gaotgrass Control Nitrate Toxicity Rangeland/Pasture Weed Control Workshop Survey Market Trends Coyote Research PDF 8/25/09
March 2002 Water Quality Regulation Bovine Virus Diarrhea Medusahead Control Research Cow-Calf Quality Assurance Program Market Trends Pesticide Use Reporting Beef & Range Field Day Beef Producer Meeting PDF 8/25/09
July 2002 Bovine Tuberculosis in CA Pinkeye Therapy Survey Results Market Trends USDA Relief to Lamb Producers Free Weed Control Brochures Beef Producer Meeting PDF 8/21/09
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