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Capitol Corridor, Solano County
University of California
Capitol Corridor, Solano County

Seeds for Thought

A quarterly publication written and edited by volunteer Master Gardeners from Solano County.

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Summer 2016

Hugelkultur, Anyone?

Preservation Pointers:  Amazing Zucchini

A Garden That Sings

Slugs-Slimy Pests in the Garden

Master Gardener Plant Exchange

Summer Gardening Guide

Master Gardeners in the Community

PDF 7/6/16
Spring 2016

Labyrinths in the Garden

Preservation Pointers:  Cheery Cherries: A Fruity Favorits

Traveling Seeds

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch

Why Build Green Roofs

Making Herb Oils and Vinegars

Spring Gardening Guide

PDF 5/16/16
Winter 2016

Pollinators in Our Garden:  A Look at Leaf Cutters

Preservation Pointers:  More About Lemons

Pruning Roses

A Walk Through Irrigation

Liberty Garden and Greenhouse


Fall Gardening Guide

Master Gardener Resource Guide Coming Soon


This newsletter has an online version, different from the print version.


PDF 1/11/16
Fall 2015

My Lawn is Browner than Your Lawn

Preservation Pointers: Citrus Treats

How Did They Do That?


Quarterly Pest Notes

You Say Tomato, I Say Solanum Lycopersicum

Fall Gardening Guide

Become a Master Gardener


PDF 10/5/15
Summer 2015

Peggy Martin...The Resilient Rose

Preservation Pointers:  Pickling Pleasures

An Orchid Bee and a Bucket Orchid

New State Water Restrictions: What Solano County Gardeners Need to Know

Quarterly Pest Notes:  Lawn Watering

Planting Your Winter Garden-It's Only Half-Time in the Garden Game

Summer Gardening Guide

Michael's Garden

The Great Iris Dig

PDF 7/10/15
Spring 2015

All About that Dirt

Preservation Pointers:  Apricots-California Gold


More Flowering Plants at No Cost

Quarterly Pest Notes

Raiding Your Recycling Cart for Garden Supplies

Winter Gardening Guide

PDF 4/6/15
Winter 2015


Birds in the Backyard All Winter Long

Preservation Pointers:  Unexpected Edibles

Collecting Rain Water

Choosing Plants to Replace Your Lawn

Quarterly Pest Notes

Heavenly Scent

Travel Dos and Don'ts

Winter Gardening Guide

Gardening with a Heavy Heart

Rattus rattus

PDF 1/22/15
Fall 2014

Seeds for Saving

Preservation Pointers:  Gifts from the Garden

Winterizing Your Garden


Quarterly Pest Notes

Fall Gardening Guide


PDF 10/13/14
Summer 2014

Growing Vegetables in Galvanized Containers

Preservation Pointers:  Safe Summertime Salsas

Consider the Scuffle Hoe

Ten Reasons to Become a Master Gardener

Quarterly Pest Notes

Public Plant Exchange

Summer Gardening Guide

PDF 7/2/14
Spring 2014

Greywater and Your Landscape

Preservation Pointers: Post Harvest Tips for Fresh Produce

Trendy Tillandsia

Miniature Gardens

Irrigation and Landscape Tips to Save Water

Cash for Your Grass

Drought Resistant Roses

Spring Gardening Guide

PDF 5/7/14
Winter Issue 2014

Growing Amaryllis-Or is it Hippeastrum?

Preservation Pointers:  English Walnuts

Lawn Replacement


Frost Protection for Citrus

Calendar of Events

Got a Question for the Master Gardeners?

Winter Gardening Guide

Who are the Master Gardeners?

Free Gardening Resources

PDF 1/30/14
Fall 2013

Solano Community College Classes in Horticulture

Preservation Pointers: Pomegranate

A Hare Raising Idea

Growing Pineapple Plants

Trouble in Paradise

Desert Adaptations are Simply Marvelous

Berries are for the Birds

Invasion of the Leaf Snatchers

PDF 10/18/13
Summer 2013

Asian Citrus Psyllid and HLB

Preservation Pointers: A Honey of an Idea

Keep Destructive Creatures Out of Your Yard

Ask Hottie!

Summer Gardening Guide

Winter Vegetable Garden: A Trial in Benicia

Ben Franklin's National Bird

To Bee or Not To Bee

Master Gardeners in Your Community & Public Plant Exchange

PDF 7/19/13
Spring 2013

A Different Kind of Raised Bed

Preservation Pointers: Fruity Flavorites

Why Raised Beds

Hazardous Plants for Pets

Spring Gardening Guide

Worm Farm

Under the Solano Sun blog

Planting Vegetables in Solano County

Solano Slow Foods

PDF 5/16/13
Winter 2013

Lavender, A Good Choice for Dryland Gardening

Think Spring with Asparagus

Winter Gardening for Procrastinators

Help in Planning Your Garden

Ask Hottie!

Glorious Garlic

Winter Gardening Guide

Got Spuds?

PDF 1/16/13
Fall 2012

Whose Daddy Are You?!

Preservation Pointers: Kiwifruit

Sedum 'Autumn Joy'

Ask Hottie!

Fall Gardening Guide

Straw Bale Gardening: Part 2

How to Encourage Mummies into Your Garden

PDF 10/23/12
Summer 2012

Eat Your Heart Out!

Preservation Pointers: Beautiful Blueberries

Pineapply Lily

Ask Hottie!

Summer Gardening Guide

Silverfish and Other Warm Weather Home Invaders

Why Raised Beds?

Summertime:  Brow or Green, You Choose

Master Gardeners in Your Community

PDF 8/9/12
Spring 2012

Straw Bale Gardening

Preservation Pointers: Our Plentiful Pretty Plums

Top Tree Culprits for Solano County Allergy Sufferers

Ask Hottie!

Spring Gardening Guide

'Erbs and Herbs

Upcoming Plant Sales

Master Gardeners in Your Community

PDF 4/30/12
Winter 2012 (late)

The Gardening Santa Can Skip My House This Year
Preservation Pointers:  Winter Vegetables for Kids
Ask Hottie!
Winter Gardening Guide
Wreath Workshop
Bareroot Trees-Get 'Em Now!
Master Gardeners in Your Community
Seeds for Thought Subscription RENEWAL!

PDF 2/15/12
Summer 2011

Using Succulents in Your Garden

Preservation Pointers: Stinking Rose

Ask Hottie!

Enticing Hummingbirds into Your Yard

A Crown I Wouldn't Wear

Harvesting New Master Gardeners

Summer Gardening Guide

Master Gardeners in Your Community

Plant Exchange Announcement

PDF 8/3/11
Spring 2011

Controlling Mistletoe in Trees

Preservation Pointers: Okra-A Southern Favorite

A History Lesson: Bartram's Garden in Philadelphia

Ask Hottie!

Growing Different Fruit & Vegetables in a Home Garden in Western Solano County

Spring Gardening Guide

PlantRight Invasive Plant Retail Nursery Survey

PDF 3/24/11
Winter 2011

Holiday Plants
Preservation Pointers: Saffron and Other Savory Spices
The Fabled Old Farmer's Almanac
Ask Hottie!
Winter Gardening Guide
Growing Good Roses-Selecting the Site and the Rose
Master Gardeners in Your Community

PDF 1/25/11
Fall 2010 Inviting Butterflies to Your Garden Preservation Pointers: Flavored Oils & Vinegars Ask Hottie! Grotesque Rose Becoming a Master Gardener Twenty New Master Gardeners Fall Gardening Guide MGs in Your Community PDF 10/19/10
Summer 2010 Garden Gnomes Preservation Pointers: Spicy Summer Seasonings Controlling Tomato Hornworms The Children's Memorial Garden 2010 Triffids in Your Topiary Weeding Out the Wacky A Great Bug with Attitude Summer Gardening Guide Thanks & MGs in Your Community PDF 7/29/10
Spring 2010 Benicia School Garden Project Preservation Pointers: Strawberries Of Assassins, Soldiers, Damsels, and Hovercraft Spring Not Too Early to Plan Non-Toxic Controls for Codling Moth Pumpkin Patching Allergies and Gardening Spring Garden Guide Master Gardeners in Your Community PDF 5/3/10
Winter 2010 A Cut Above:Pruning Roses Cobblers,Crumbles, and Crisps from Your Pantry Making a Raised Garden Bed Winter Color for a Grey Day Wonderful Wreaths at the Buck Mansion Winter Gardening Guide Subscription Renewal Form PDF 1/28/10
Fall 2009 Adaptive Horticulture & Master Gardeners Preservation Pointers: Gifts from the Garden Citrus Growers Beware! Argentine Ants Renovating Landscape without Lawn Espalier and Garden Supports Fall Gardening Guide Master Gardener Local Events PDF 10/7/09
Summer 2009 Healthy Garden, Healthy Mind Fact or Fiction Preservation Pointers: Food Safety in Our Victory Garden Living with Wind Glass Houses and Terrariums Summer Gardening Guide Bed Bugs Does Your Soil Have the Compact Blues? MGs at Local Events PDF 7/24/09
Spring 2009 Camellias Composting: Why and How Preservation Pointers: Cherries Native Leafcutter Bees What is a Garden Room? Spring Gardening Guide Bird Garden Editor's Note Where to Find Gardening Advice Master Gardener Local Events PDF 4/2/09
Winter 2009 Protecting Plants To Plant a Bare Root Rose Preservation Pointers: Quince What's Growing Beneath? Dormant Spraying Winter Gardening Guide Culprit From the Underground A Yuletide Rose Where to find Gardening Advice Master Gardener Local Events PDF 1/14/09
Fall 2008 Sow Sweet Peas Collecting Rainwater Preservation Pointers: Outwitting the Olive Amending Soil with Biochar It's for the Birds Fall Gardening Guide Three Easy Shrubs for ...Oohs and Aahs Dormancy My Early September Garden The Flowers of Catalina Island Master Gardeners Plant Exchange Where to find Gardening Advice Master Gardener Local Events PDF 10/7/08
Summer 2008 The Pink Flamingo Fruit Tree Borers Preservation Pointers: Eggplant Growing Dahlias Mulch Summer Gardening Guide Tips for A Bee-Friendly Garden Seawater Irrigation Research Chalk Hill Clematis Nursery & Garden Update: Children's Memorial Garden Review: Organic Gardening Magazine The Experimental Garden The Class of 2008 Where to find Gardening Advice Master Gardener Local Events PDF 7/1/08
Spring 2008 Aphids: They're Everywhere The Fragrant Daphne Preservation Pointers Mediterranean Garden Repot Your Houseplants Spring Gardening Guide Sunflowers Moon Garden Variety in the Vegetable Garden What the Heck is that Bug? Spring Plant Sale-Ad Something to Watch for and Correction PDF 4/16/09
Winter 2008 Danger In Solano: The LBAM Winter Pruning Preservation Pointers Diseases and Pests of Camellias Winter Gardening Winter Gardening Guide Trip To A Victorian Garden in Leeds Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden Rose Pruning at a Strange Time Events & Gardening Answers PDF 1/14/08
Fall 2007 (open file with Adobe Acrobat) Creating a Rain Garden Time to Plant Sweet Peas Preservation Pointers In Search of the Wild Mushroom Caring for Orchids at Home The Master Gardener Program The Terrace Garden The Night Garden Fall Gardening Guide Correction: Baked Brie Recipe Events & Gardening Answers PDF 7/17/08
Summer 2007-Corrected Version Pollinator Peril Cut Flowers Preservation Pointers: Figs Nutsedge? Can You Dig It? Lavatera-Tree Mallow Succulent or Cactus? Summer Gardening Guide Children's Memorial Garden Luther Burbank Home & Garden Report from Rio Vista Nature's Miracle New Master Gardeners Events & Gardening Answers PDF 6/12/08
Spring 2007 Much About Mulch & Blueberries Preservation Pointers: Artichokes Planning Your Collection California Poppies Rehabilitating Freeze Damaged Trees Spring Gardening Guide Know Your Bugs Lilacs In Bloom Far Afield and Close To Home Where to Find Gardening Answers PDF 3/5/08
Winter 2006 Growing Amaryllis Preservation Pointers Rose Hips Farmer Fred Got Research? Winter Garden Guide School Gardens Where to Find Gardening Answers PDF 12/20/07
Fall 2006 'Ouchless Roses' Preservation Pointers Bats of the Causeway A Visit to Kew Fall Garden Guide Improve Your Gardening Success Where to Find Gardening Answers Solano County Milestones PDF 11/3/10
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